Povera.comSubject Disclaimer

Please note that Povera is a conceptual and educational site as much as it is my own private art gallery. Just as children should not be left unattended in a physical gallery, I also suggest that they not browse Povera freely. Modern references to past and present artistic movements and artistic historical perceptions have been known to offend those ignorant of the specific passage of time and changes in ideology over the past few thousand years. If it offends you to know that Michelangelo or Raphael painted nude figures, you are in the wrong place. While I do not intend to specifically show pictures of this nature on this site, I do not doubt that some sites which I have linked to will. This is not a good place to put a thesis on the historic nude in art. Let it be sufficient to note that there is nothing more prevalent in historic art than people who lack clothing.

Specifically Arte Povera was (is?) an artistic movement concerned with the conceptualization of of the creative process of art. Sharing roots with many early twentieth century movements, Povera's thrust is centered most along the lines of true Conceptualism than with the playful randomness of Da Da and dreamlike Surrealism. It is the artist which produces art and art which produces the artist.

Putting a copyright notice on this site may seem like yet another absurdity, considering the nature of Povera and related movements, especially in the light of Marcel Duchamp's now famous readymades. Historically, since before the time of ancient Greece, artists have understood that society is contradictory, unreasonable and imperfect. So if I contradict myself, it should seem quite reasonable by now.

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