The Minstrel's Hall

streaming internet music for those who love Medieval and Renaissance Faires!

[Enter the Minstrel's Hall]

What sort of music is part of the Minstrel's Hall?

Mostly classical music with a Medieval or Renaissance flavor, mostly strings and percussion with voices. There's also a mix of Celtic, Irish, Scottish, etc. Basically it's the stuff one usually might hear at a faire - not a lot of studio tricks or digital stuff. Oh, and you'll also find the occasional piece of filk music - it's not necessarily classical, but it is part of the faire genre.

How can you get you r music on the playlist?

It's a simple two step process.

First, you need to register with Once you have created a band page of your own, upload your music files.

Second, you will need to let me know that you have music that you think are appropriate for the mix and you would like to have added to this list. I will need the URL of your band page, and the names of the music tracks that you think are appropriate.

It's that simple.

... and just who the heck are you?

I'm just a friendly faire patron who likes the music. I go by the faire name of Fugli, and I often play some old stringed instruments. If you want to know more about me, my web site is