Welcome to Povera.com

Povera: Any art form that stresses the process or idea of creating art over the completed product.

So, you want to draw and create your own artwork. Well, welcome to my online repository of artistic "how to" information. Sometimes the presentation may seem a little disjointed, but please be assured that I eventually plan to flesh in all the missing parts. Depending on my current projects, it often becomes simpler to present the information out of order. Sooner or later I cycle back to the missing stuff and fill it in. For now, feel free to browse what is here.

Fugli TrollHow to Navigate

This site is set up in several stages. From the front page you should be able to reach any stage. This stage works from a navigation bar on the left. Selecting from the menu on the left will change this portion of the screen. On those few occasions when the presentation may be wider than the screen, the entire screen may reload. Fear not, you can usually return to a higher level of the site by finding an image of Fugli Troll and clicking on it. It is his job to help you find your way back.

Other integral parts of my Povera Network of sites are:
Saints, Sinners and Songwriters is my site for Contemporary, Renaissance, and Medieval Praise music.
Fugli's Phi is my site where I tend to post update commentaries about all sorts of stuff.

Fugli's Shop

is my Amazon.com store full of my stuff, as well as other things.
Fugli ... or you can find me in my faire persona...